New Work: Future/Past

New Work: I Remember The Future, Yet I look Forward To The Past

Robert Santoré’s latest artistic endeavor, “I Remember The Future, Yet I Look Forward To The Past,” unveils a mesmerizing fusion of his recent series, Opera and Kava Dancers, while skillfully incorporating elements of surrealism and abstraction. Santoré’s masterful ability to seamlessly blend diverse artistic styles and concepts results in a body of work that challenges traditional perceptions of time, memory, and anticipation.

In this captivating series, Santoré intertwines the ethereal beauty of opera with the rhythmic energy of Kava Dancers, creating a visual symphony that resonates with the viewer’s senses. Through his vivid brushwork and vibrant color palette, he breathes life into each canvas, capturing fleeting moments suspended between reality and dreamscape. The fluid movements of the dancers merge with the haunting melodies of opera, transcending the confines of the present and transporting viewers to a realm where time knows no boundaries.

Santoré’s incorporation of surrealism and abstraction infuses the series with an enigmatic allure. Symbolic motifs emerge, blending familiar images with unfamiliar landscapes, inviting the audience to question the nature of memory and its connection to future aspirations.

The juxtaposition of surreal elements against abstract backgrounds evokes a sense of paradox, where the past and the future converge in a single, transcendent moment. Santoré’s deliberate blend of these artistic styles invites viewers to embark on a deeply introspective journey, exploring the intricacies of time, memory, and the intricate tapestry of human emotions.

I Remember The Future, Yet I Look Forward To The Past” represents Robert Santoré’s relentless artistic exploration and evolution. With this series, he presents a captivating visual narrative that speaks to the profound complexities of the human experience, enticing viewers to reflect on their own perceptions of time, memory, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. Santoré’s ability to merge disparate artistic elements into a cohesive whole showcases his extraordinary talent and cements his place as a visionary artist pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.

Anything Goes at the California Heritage Museum

“ORATIONES MEAE ERANT PARVAE ET FLAVAE” (My Prayers Were Small And Yellow) 66 X 204in (167.64 x 518.16cm) Oil, enamel, chrome beeswax on linen


Robert Santoré "I Remember The Future, yet I look Forward To the Past
“I REMEMBER THE FUTURE, YET I LOOK FORWARD TO THE PAST” 66 X 204in (167.64 x 518.16cm) Oil, enamel, wax on linen

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Robert Santoré ACTS OF THE APOSTLES 60 X 210in (152.4 x 533.4cm) Oil, enamel, wax on linen on birch panels

“ACTS OF THE APOSTLES” 60 X 210in (152.4 x 533.4cm) Oil, enamel, wax on linen on birch panels

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Robert Santoré “see world” 60 x 120in (152.4 x 304.8cm) Oil, oil stick, military and industrial enamels on birch panel

“SEE WORLD” 60 x 120in (152.4 x 304.8cm) Oil, oil stick, military and industrial enamels on birch panel

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